Calcined Petroleum Coke

Green petroleum coke is generated by delayed distillation of coal during the conversion of crude oil into liquid fuels such as gasoline and jet fuels. Calcined petroleum coke is produced from green petroleum coke through a process known as ‘calcining’, which removes moisture and volatile matter from green petroleum coke at a very high temperature. CPC is crucial to the electrolytic production of aluminum.

RAIN manufactures and markets CPC through its wholly owned subsidiary companies in India and in the United States.

Parameter Value
Size 0 To 10 MM
Moisture (%) 2
VM (%) 0.7
Ash (%) 1.3
FC (%) 98
Sulphur (%) 1

Our products are principally used as raw material and processing agent in Blast Furnaces of steel plants and cement industries. We also supply to Corex plants. Some industries use our product in their cupola foundries, electric arc furnaces, etc. Some plants procure Dry Coke using in SMP for smooth and uniform charging in Lancing Tubes.